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When Should I Have My Storefront Cleaned?

When to have storefront cleaned

Operating a clean storefront is essential if you want your business to thrive. Customers want to know they're walking into a well-maintained business. No matter how pristine it is inside your store itself, if your facade is shoddy and dirty, many customers will be scared off before they've even had a chance to step through the door. Storefront cleaning is an essential part of your retail location's maintenance and goes a long way toward curating a clean and professional look for your store.

But how often should storefront cleaning be done? There is no one correct answer. Generally, most exterior cleaning projects need to be undertaken at least twice a year at a minimum. However, storefronts tend to stay pretty busy and get messy quickly, so your store may need cleaning more often than that. Considering what factors will affect your store's appearance is foundational to developing the right cleaning schedule for your location.

Factors That Can Effect Your Storefront's Cleanliness

  • Foot traffic: Pedestrians are responsible for a lot of the mess around your store's facade. Their feet track dirt into your sidewalks, they leave smudges on the glass when peering inside, and less considerate visitors may litter near your storefront. Storefronts with heavy foot traffic need cleaning more frequently than quieter businesses.
  • Vehicular Traffic: Cars kick up tons of dirt and smog, which fog up your windows and make your awnings grimy. If your location is situated near a busy road, your facade can build up a considerable layer of grime within a few months.
  • Weather And Environment: The elements take a toll on any building's exterior, and the kind of environment your facade is exposed to will affect what kind of messes surround it. Stores in areas with a lot of moisture may have to contend with algae and mildew, but stores in dry areas may collect more dust.

Recognizing Signs That You Need A Storefront Cleaning

Scheduling when to clean your store isn't an exact science. Some stores only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year, others quarterly, others once a month. A good pressure washing contractor can consult with you, learn more about your business and its location, and give you their best estimate for an ideal schedule.

You don't have to be a pressure washing expert to notice when your storefront is losing its luster, though. There are a few good tells that can tip you off to when it's time to clean your storefront:

  • Your windows are distractingly smudgy from the outside
  • You're losing natural light in your windows to built-up smudges or cloudiness on the glass
  • The sidewalks in front of your business are messy from dirt, gum, food, or grease
  • Your awnings or signage are dull and lacking in color
  • Dark streaks or spots are forming on your exterior walls or near your windows (which can be a sign of mildew or algae growth)

If these telltale signs have started popping up, it's a good time to schedule a cleaning and freshen up your facade! Good Guy Pressure Washing offers superb storefront cleaning services for Missouri City-area businesses. If you're ready to schedule your next storefront cleaning, get in touch with us at 512-961-0627 and request a free estimate today!

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